About us

We are an independant company with many years of experience working for some of the biggest names in IT and Consultancy including Capgemini, IBM and PwC, and providing services to a wide cross section of industries, including financial services, retail, public sector, health care, oil and gas, defence.

Our clients are very mixed in size, from supporting new start ups after some initial advice, through to companies with over a billion pound turnover, embarking on a transformation journey, it does not matter. Our services recognise our client situation and are tailored accordingly.

Large advisory companies tend to form opinions of certain technology because they invest heavily into recruitment and training in those choices to be able to deliver a wall to wall capability from high end strategy, design and build and hosting and service delivery. This is where smaller is better. We have no technology footprint to protect.

Take our small footprint and technology agnostic approach, and we can meet your needs. If you want to embark on a multi million pounds SAP implementation, we may assist in a client side advisory capacity, but we wouldn't pretend we can take it on. But if you are a organisation looking to run a string of data rich projects, or want your data analysing in response to an issue, then we may be able to help.