We provide specialist digital and analytical services

to companies looking to use these capabilities in improve their business.


Running your digital or analytical programmes to attain your business objectives requires a unique blend of skills. Getting one or two attributes is easy, getting them all is not. We also help work out what you should be doing if you're still struggling to know where to start.


Taking your data to resolve specific issues in your organisation. Sorting through the data quality nightmare, forensically examing what's happening and drawing out conclusions. The truth is there.. somewhere


Forget AI for now, IA (Information Augmentation) is taking external data, processing it, and using it to enrich your existing data to get increased value.

What we do

Digital is often expressed as four subcategories, Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. Our primary focus is Analytical, often in a Mobile context. The reason we focus here is simply because this is where real value can be unlocked. We've worked with retailers to pinpoint picking issues and data quality problems, we have built loss prevention tools to reduce waste and detect fraud, we've used data quality tools with insurance companies to held validate submissions, and there are many more examples.

That's not to say the other areas are not important, they are, but they're tools. The cloud is a way to work, but the cloud for the sake of cloud will be no more than a cost saving exercise and Social is of value if you do something with the data, our IA approach mixes such data with your own.

We also collect and harvest data and then analyse over time. We're the leading authority on Tesla car pricing and work with a number of specialist traders providing them with trend data. We also offer free public search tools consolidating prices from all the leading sources.

And when we're not doing all that, we provide a websites to some local businesses including the local pub!

The digital myth

We don't subscribe to the typical digital route maps as its far too heavily biased to the "here's a technology, what can we do with it?" model. It's easy for the large consultancies to push this agenda as they have armies of people that can walk the technology walk, but they struggle to translate this into business improvement. That's not to say technology is not an important component of the journey, but in themselves, they are often not revelutionary.

Real change does not just come from doing things differently, it comes from doing different things. Kodak didn't fail because they didn't embrace creating pixilated photos, record stores didn't struggle because they didn't take contactless payment, these companies failed because the business they were in was fundementally not a viable business at scale. It's a subtle point but it runs to the heart of our ethos, the right thing today may be as simple as automating the keying in a business process, but the bigger vision is why does that business process exist at all?


providing insight and specialism on data, digital, analytics and the GDPR regulations which will impact most organisations in the next few years. Cyber is also a significant threat to organisations, and linked to GDPR and business continuity and we can advise on system design and incident response planning. Either through project and programme management or as non executive directors and part of your senior team.

Strategy advisors

a role we often combine with a management role where we can help define the longer term road map, or short term tactical plans. Behind both of these we can help establish the objectives and the business case, playing particular focus on helping determine what the success factors are. We have performed this role in insurance companies, retailers, the public sector and utilities.

Data science

is the term we use for the skills required to collect, process and provide information back to you, either as a one off or as an ongoing service. We also carry out own speculative research using publically available information, often using forensic techniques to find it, and then looking for insight to take to market.